You don’t innovate just once. To remain relevant, innovation must become part of your organization’s DNA. This way you respond quickly to new developments, avoid being overtaken by competitors and continue to add value for your customers.
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Lead rather than follow

We help you transform into an agile and resilient organization, where innovation is part of the day-to-day business. So that you don’t follow the market but lead it.


Old ways won't open new doors

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This is what a change process looks like with us

What will it take to make the ambitions a reality?

What is the current situation and where do you want to go? What is needed to bridge this gap? Think of competencies, partners, and activities. Together we are going to make that clear.

Bringing employees along

If you want to change as an organization, it’s important that everyone is on board. We achieve this through interactive workshops and events. In this way, it is clear to everyone what we stand for (mission), where we want to go (vision) and how we are going to do that (strategy).

New ways of working

New ambitions sometimes require new ways of working. Think Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Agile, multidisciplinary teams, and search vs. execute. These ways of working allow you to switch faster and respond better to new insights and developments. We also help you implement them.

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But don't listen to us

This is what our customers are saying

“They are good at making the connection from theory to practice, have an eye for future developments (innovation) and a lot of energy.”

– Marcel Fickers, VWPFS DFM

VWPFS Marcel Fickers
Organizations that we have helped to become Future Proof
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Woosh! A breath of fresh air through your organization

This is what you can expect when we work together

No thick reports

Your organization is in a state of flux, so we want to act quickly. We leave the thick reports behind and move quickly to action.

Future Proof ambassadors

We want to make sure you can do it without us. That's why we provide 'Future Proof ambassadors' within your organization. These colleagues will take over from us.

Creating engagement

For change to be successful, it is important that everyone feels involved, not just the management. That's why we try to include employees in everything we do as much as possible. For example, through workshops and events.


Long reports won’t be read by employees and often end up somewhere at the bottom of a dusty drawer. That is why we make the new way of working visual and tangible. In this way it becomes recognizable for everyone in the organization.

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Ready for the future in 5 steps

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See what we have done for other organizations

793 New office ING N15 a3

ING helps building a sustainable business model

A collaboration between ING and Stay Future Proof, they initiated Building Real Estate United, an event for the construction and real estate industry to take Sustainable Business to the next level.

Mindset transformation among SNS managers

The Customer Team Managers teamed up with Stay Future Proof to enhance collaboration among the managers, despite the physical distance between their work areas.
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Ready for impact?

So do we. Let us move forward together towards a bright future!

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