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Technological developments follow each other in rapid succession and the needs of your customers are constantly changing. Staying relevant is becoming increasingly difficult. How can you still add sufficient and sustainable value tomorrow? Get ready for the future together with us.
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Your organization is running at full speed. Yet sometimes you feel like you’re standing still. Growth isn’t going as fast anymore, and your competitors are hot on your heels. Or there are many growth opportunities for your organization, but it is difficult to focus. Time to step out of your daily activities and reflect on questions from inside and outside your organization. We provide a fresh look at your strategy and your innovative capacity, so you can go full steam ahead.
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Vision as a compass

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This is how we help you to develop a Future Proof strategy

Strategic vision development
First, we want to set a dot on the horizon. We determine a common mission, vision and ambition, so that everyone in your organization knows what we are working towards.
Exploring the future
We dive into the available data and gain new customer and market insights. Where is the market moving? What are the latest trends and developments? How is the behavior of your customers changing? And what does that mean for your right to exist?
Commercial strategy

Where are the commercial opportunities for your organization and how are you going to capitalize on them? Who are your future customers, why are your solutions better than those of competitors and what is the market potential?

Proposition design
Which innovative services, products or business models will provide value for your customers in the future? To find out, we combine the strengths of your team and our Strategy Designers. Together we spark our creativity, come up with lots of ideas and validate the most promising ones.
Idea validation
Before you put a lot of money and time into an idea, it’s important to validate it. Does your idea really solve a problem for your customers? We test, learn, iterate, and test again. Until you are ready for the next step: implementation.
We prepare you and your organization for, and guide you through, the implementation. This way we ensure that it runs smoothly, and we make its success measurable. We also provide ‘Future Proof ambassadors’ within your organization. These are the colleagues who continue to drive and scale up value creation.
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This is what our customers are saying

“Stay Future Proof is able, in a simple but powerful way, to put together something that the organization can use to become future proof.”

– David van Campen, Pantar

Pantar David van Campen
Organizations that we have helped to become Future Proof
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No thick reports, but quick impact

This is what you can expect when we work together

Customized projects

Your organization and its challenges are unique. Therefore, we do not like a one-size-fits-all approach. Together we look at what your organization needs and create a customized approach.

Pressure cooker approach

Your organization is in full swing, which is why we want to get started quickly. Thanks to our pressure cooker approach, together we can quickly arrive at insights and ideas with impact. We then create a practical and visual roadmap to turn the strategy into concrete steps and results.


To achieve a strong strategy, we combine the strengths of your team and our Future Proof experts. We involve as many disciplines as possible. This way we have many different perspectives, and everyone feels involved.


Thick reports often end up somewhere at the bottom of a dusty drawer. We make the results of our collaboration visual and tangible so that they are manageable and understandable for everyone.

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Ready for the future in 5 steps

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See what we have done for other organisations

EvenRijden Banner

Even Rijden: an innovative collaboration

Changes in the mobility market gave rise to new opportunities for both parties, which opened new doors for Centraal Beheer and Athlon Nederland. Together with us they developed a new proposition.
Henri Willig 2387 klein

Synergy within Synerlogic

Synerlogic has been an established name in the dairy industry for more than a century. In this case you’ll read how they worked together with Stay Future Proof to strengthen and improve their position
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