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Change brings challenges, but also new opportunities. Respond to market developments and create services or products that make your customers happy and add value for People, Planet and Prosperity.

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an innovation strategy is key

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It’s getting harder and harder to stay relevant as an organization. Disruptions in the market can even make you redundant in one fell swoop. Make innovation part of your DNA and reflect on the following questions. With a clear innovation strategy, we help you generate and validate impactful ideas. So that you can continue to add sustainable value for your customers in the future.

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This is how we help you to getting started with innovation

Innovation platform My Idea
We will give you access to My Idea. An online platform to get ideas from within your organization. On this platform you can share organizational challenges and invite your colleagues to come up with solutions. Subsequently, your colleagues can share their innovative ideas, recruit ambassadors, enrich each other’s ideas and see where an idea is within the innovation process.
Innovation strategy
Together we will work with innovation methods such as Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and Agile working. In addition, we will set up an innovation funnel to get a continuous flow of ideas going. Of course, we teach you to use all the methods yourself, so that you can continue to innovate. Also after our project is completed.
Experiment Design Lab
Do you have a new idea for a proposition, product, service, or business model? In an Experiment Design Lab you validate your ideas to avoid unnecessary investments and increase the chances of a successful launch.
Customer discovery
What customer needs require a solution? We help you to empathize with your customers and find out their real problems. This will help you come up with ideas that really make a significant contribution.
Inspiration tour
Based on your innovation vision and ambition, we will tour the boards of companies within and (especially) outside your own industry. To challenge and inspire you with their stories. And to spar with the directors of these companies about your ambitions and challenges.
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This is what our customers are saying

“Many companies can give good advice, but Stay Future Proof is good at transforming theory into reality. You really get the feeling that they want to contribute because it is their passion.”

– Beijko van Melick, Kalfire Fireplaces

Kalfire Beijko van Melick
Organizations that we have helped to become Future Proof
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Customized projects

Your organization and its challenges are unique. Therefore, we do not like a one-size-fits-all approach. Together we look at what your organization needs and create a customized approach.

Pressure cooker approach

Your organization is in full swing, which is why we want to get started quickly. Thanks to our pressure cooker approach, together we can quickly arrive at insights and ideas with impact. We then create a practical and visual roadmap to turn the strategy into concrete steps and results.


To achieve a strong strategy, we combine the strengths of your team and our Future Proof experts. We involve as many disciplines as possible. This way we have many different perspectives, and everyone feels involved.


Thick reports often end up somewhere at the bottom of a dusty drawer. We make the results of our collaboration visual and tangible so that they are manageable and understandable for everyone.

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Understanding of the different groups of customers

ING Private Banking started a Customer Discovery Project in co-creation with Stay Future Proof. This would lead to the creation of personas and gaining a clear understanding of their needs.
793 New office ING N15 a3

ING helps building a sustainable business model

Together, they initiated Building Real Estate, an event for the construction and real estate industry to take Sustainable Business Design to the next level.
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