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Verandering biedt uitdagingen, maar ook nieuwe mogelijkheden. Speel in op ontwikkelingen in de markt en creëer de diensten of producten waar jouw klanten blij van worden.

a innovation strategy is key

Claim your place in the future

It is getting harder and harder to remain relevant as an organisation. Disruptions in the market can even make you redundant in one fell swoop. Therefore, make innovation part of your DNA and reflect on the following questions. With a clear innovation strategy, we help you generate and validate impactful ideas. So that you will continue to add value for your customers in the future.

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This is how we help you to getting started with innovation

Innovation platform My Idea

We will give you access to My Idea. An online platform to get ideas from within your organisation. On this platform you can share organisational challenges and invite your colleagues to come up with solutions. Subsequently, your colleagues can share their innovative ideas, recruit ambassadors, enrich each other’s ideas and see where an idea is in the innovation process.

Innovation strategy

Together, we will work with innovation methods such as Design Thinking, Lean Start-up and Agile working. In addition, we will set up an innovation tunnel to stimulate a continuous flow of ideas. Of course, we teach you to use all methods yourself, so that you can continue to innovate. Also after our project is completed.

Experiment Design Lab

Do you have a new idea for a proposition, product, service or business model? In an Experiment Design Lab you validate your ideas to avoid unnecessary investments and increase the chance of a successful introduction.

Customer discovery

Which customer needs require a solution? We help you to empathise with your customers and identify their real problems. This will help you come up with ideas that really make a difference.

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“Many companies can give good advice, but Stay Future Proof is good at transforming theory into reality. You really get the feeling that they want to contribute because it is their passion.”

– Beijko van Melick, Kalfire Fireplaces

Organisations that we helped to become future proof
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No bulky reports, but creating impact quickly

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Customised projects

Your organisation and issues are unique. That is why we do not like one-size-fits-all programmes. We look at what you need and create a tailor-made programme.

Pressure cooker-approach

Your organisation is in full swing, which is why we want to get to work quickly. Thanks to our pressure cooker approach, together we can quickly arrive at insights and ideas with impact. We then create a practical roadmap to help you turn your strategy into results.


In order to achieve a strong strategy, we combine the strengths of your team and our future experts. We involve as many disciplines as possible. That way, we have many different perspectives and everyone feels involved.


Thick reports often end up somewhere at the bottom of a dusty drawer. We make the results of our cooperation visual and tangible, so that they are manageable and understandable for everyone to work with.

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See what we have done for other organisations

Steunpunt Nova creates a network of 1000 volunteers

Steunpunt Nova a has a clear vision, mission and strategy on how they will grow to 2023. Read their story here about how they want to help even more parents with baby loss

How Kalfire made top sales during the pandemic

They not only survived the corona crisis but also grew through their innovative hologram fireplace and created a 40% increase in sales.
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