How we think about the future? Read on!

Our methodology: Stage 5 Implement and Scale
This stage draws from agile way of working, lean start-up methods, market data tools, and concentrates on implementing the validated value proposition or business model.
Our methodology: Stage 4 Discover the Unknown
During the Discover the Unknown stage, you also learn tried-and-true validation testing techniques to apply across your organization to validate and refine other products and/or services.
Innovation = doing
The world is changing. For a company that wants to remain successful in the long term, this means that it must examine how value can be created in the future.
How to embed ‘sustainability’ into your business strategy & practices?
This blog will provide you with 5 actions to “reconfigure” your organization, in a more sustainable manner where integrated value is underlying all business practices.
Our methodology: Stage 3 Design future value
During the Design stage you build the capacity of your organization’s creative confidence through proven innovation techniques and our ideation tools.
Our methodology: Stage 2 Explore the Future
This stage uses Design Thinking and data analytics to help you understand (and anticipate) your customers’ changing needs, emerging trends within your industry, and how you can utilize your existing assets to capitalize on these changes.
How to survive the new Corona wave?
There are so many things today that we have no influence on and that we cannot predict either. So not your business plan, but the way we deal with these dynamics determines the success of an organization.
Our methodology: Stage 1 Define purpose
This stage is focused on your team shaping a clear and shared vision together. This stage includes internalizing purpose across your organization and establishing how you provide real value to customers to realize sustainable business growth.
Our 5-Stage Innovation Methodology
What is the secret to our approach? In this blog post, we unpack the nuts and bolts of our innovation methodology and share how Stay Future Proof’s approach enables your organization to achieve its future ambitions.
Corona pulls the ‘beat’ out of the entertainment industry
Dutch René Froger was up for some strong national criticism after he mentioned they -meaning the entertainment industry- were being hit the hardest. Which pivots did we see?
Why execution and innovation conflict
Scaling a business though is a hard job for many start-ups and innovation is a tough thing for almost all corporates. Why is it so difficult to master both disciplines? We have the answer for you!
Innovate or die
The world is changing. New customer needs and technological developments are constantly changing the rules of doing business. What does that mean for your company?
Throw away that business plan!
Making a plan is really a waste of everyone’s time: from both the makers and the readers. Why? Because the only roadmap to success lies in how an organization can deal with uncertainty and change.
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