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De toekomst van klanttevredenheid
Confusion at the checkout
Vision without strategy is a daydream, strategy without vision is a nightmare
To remain successful in today’s rapidly changing world, it is essential for organizations to have a clear vision and strategy. Often, the importance of involving employees in shaping this vision and strategy is ignored. This is a missed opportunity! Engaging employees in this process leads to greater involvement and motivation.
Want to increase impact? Change behavior.
We humans make thousands of choices every day. It might surprise you but 95% of these choices are made unconsciously. Imagine if we had to make all these decisions consciously. We’d have no energy left for the fun things in life. Our unconscious choices aren’t random; they’re based on past experiences, intuition and emotion.
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Another new start for Pieter Pot?
At the beginning of this week, it became possible again to purchase products from Pieter Pot. The packaging-free supermarket has reopened its online doors after being declared bankrupt at the end of 2023. A bankruptcy that was partly a result of the company’s success.
The NS has lost track
Dutch train ticket prices will sharply increase. Price hikes are not an unfamiliar phenomenon, even in public transport. The reason? It is the strategy of the Dutch Railways (NS) to compensate for its incurred losses. Although it seems like a logical choice at first, the question is whether this strategy is the right one. When making this choice, has the underlying cause of the losses been considered?
A Journey of Innovation: How Procreate Reinvented Itself
When we talk about innovation, we don’t mean a one-time adjustment. It is a continuous cycle of reinvention and innovation. An organization that does this very well is Savage Interactive; developer and supplier of application software for digital illustration. In 2011 they introduced the app Procreate.
Sustainble Business Design
The Importance of Sustainable Business Design
Sustainable business design, also known as impact entrepreneurship, offers a path to a future where organizations not only make a profit, but also have a positive impact on the planet and society.
The future of doing business
The future of doing business
The Triple Value concept originated in the 1990s. It is a framework that encourages organizations to look beyond the traditional financial bottom line. With Triple Value, it is essential to also incorporate social and environmental considerations into decision-making and strategy.
stay future proof steering or being steered
Steering or Being Steered?
Are you still on track with the strategy you set at the beginning of the year, or is it time to come together with your team and discuss any necessary adjustments? You will find the answer to these questions in the Mid-Year Business Review.
stay future proof barbie do or die
Barbie. Do or die.
From billboards to pre-rolls and reds carpets to movie trailers, who has not been hit by the pink parade? We’re talking about Barbie of course. The woman with a million faces is going to town and let’s everybody know it. And for good reasons.
stay future proof customer discovery
Customer Discovery
How can your organization follow in the footsteps of Intuit’s success? By leveraging customer insights gathered through Customer Discovery. Customer Discovery is the process of understanding who your target customers are and what problems they have that are worth solving.
stay future proof customer journey
The way to the heart of your customer
More and more startups are entering the market and the number of competitors is increasing. It’s more important than ever that your customers know how to find your brand, time after time.
stay future proof experiment design lab
The power of experimentation
You couldn’t have missed it, because we say it over and over again: it is crucial for your organization to be aware of the world around you and to stay informed about how this world is changing.
stay future proof think upside down
Think Upside Down
There are a few snags to this way of thinking. The world is not static and adopting a static mindset ensures that you will be overtaken by all changes without being able to respond to it.
stay future proof tedx think upside down
Think Upside Down – TEDxNyenrodeUniversity
The year 2022 was a year full of major and drastic changes. Think of the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, energy prices that went through the roof and the death of Queen Elizabeth II.
stay future proof digital realities
Designing Digital Realities
Designing sustainable value, in this case through a Digital Reality, is not about figuring out what cool technical applications you can use. What it is about, however, can be broken down into three different steps. Read along to discover these steps.
stay future proof Sustainable Value
Sustainable innovation
In a world full of change, opportunities arise for organizations to meet new needs or to come up with other ways, using new technologies, to achieve more sustainable solutions. But how do you achieve innovation as an organization?
stay future proof blog How to deal with a VUCA world
How to deal with a VUCA world?
The world is changing. Socio-economic developments, laws and regulations, new customer needs, and technological developments change the rules of the game for doing business.
stay future proof Hi Alexander its time for an upgrade
Hi Alex, it is time for BMC 2.0
This blog series is in line with our Triple Value Proposition. How do you create value as an organization? Not only in terms of revenue, but also for humankind and nature.
stay future proof Omarm verandering in 5 stappen
Become a change champion in 5 steps
Change, it drives us crazy sometimes. From earlier closing times to semi-lockdown, from hybrid working back to exclusively working from home. The question then remains: what does next month look like? Most companies have just completed their planning for 2022 and beyond, it turns out things have already changed before the new year has even begun.
stay future proof blog carolijn
To measure is to know!
After all the champagne and the Top 2000 it’s time for good resolutions, also for your organization! We come together and determine what our goals are for 2022. This blog provides you with a new way to measure the progress of your innovation goals so 2022 will be an even more successful year!
stay future proof stage 5
Our methodology: Stage 5 Implement and Scale
This stage draws from agile way of working, lean start-up methods, market data tools, and concentrates on implementing the validated value proposition or business model.
stay future proof stage 4
Our methodology: Stage 4 Discover the Unknown
During the Discover the Unknown stage, you also learn tried-and-true validation testing techniques to apply across your organization to validate and refine other products and/or services.
stay future proof Innovation doing 1
Innovation = doing
The world is changing. For a company that wants to remain successful in the long term, this means that it must examine how value can be created in the future.
stay future proof How to embed sustainability into your business strategy practices
How to embed ‘sustainability’ into your business strategy & practices?
This blog will provide you with 5 actions to “reconfigure” your organization, in a more sustainable manner where integrated value is underlying all business practices.
stay future proof stage 3
Our methodology: Stage 3 Design future value
During the Design stage you build the capacity of your organization’s creative confidence through proven innovation techniques and our ideation tools.
stay future proof stage 2
Our methodology: Stage 2 Explore the Future
This stage uses Design Thinking and data analytics to help you understand (and anticipate) your customers’ changing needs, emerging trends within your industry, and how you can utilize your existing assets to capitalize on these changes.
stay future proof How to survive the new corona wave
How to survive the new Corona wave?
There are so many things today that we have no influence on and that we cannot predict either. So not your business plan, but the way we deal with these dynamics determines the success of an organization.
stay future proof stage 1
Our methodology: Stage 1 | Define Purpose
This stage is focused on your team shaping a clear and shared vision together. This stage includes internalizing purpose across your organization and establishing how you provide real value to customers to realize sustainable business growth.
stay future proof stages
Our 5-Stage Innovation Methodology
What is the secret to our approach? In this blog post, we unpack the nuts and bolts of our innovation methodology and share how Stay Future Proof’s approach enables your organization to achieve its future ambitions.
stay future proof Corona pulls the beat out of the entertainment industry
Corona pulls the ‘beat’ out of the entertainment industry
Dutch René Froger was up for some strong national criticism after he mentioned they -meaning the entertainment industry- were being hit the hardest. Which pivots did we see?
stay future proof Why execution and innovation conflict
Why execution and innovation conflict
Scaling a business though is a hard job for many start-ups and innovation is a tough thing for almost all corporates. Why is it so difficult to master both disciplines? We have the answer for you!
Innovate or die
Innovate or die
The world is changing. New customer needs and technological developments are constantly changing the rules of doing business. What does that mean for your company?
stay future proof Throw away that business plan
Throw away that business plan!
Making a plan is really a waste of everyone’s time: from both the makers and the readers. Why? Because the only roadmap to success lies in how an organization can deal with uncertainty and change.
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