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The year 2022 was a year full of major and drastic changes. Think of the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, energy prices that went through the roof and the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Sounds pretty intense right, all those changes. You are not the only one who thinks this. Change is not only difficult for people but can also be difficult for organizations.  Often change is seen as a threat. But that is unnecessary. In this blog we would like to show you that change is not scary, but actually offers a lot of new opportunities for your organization!


It must and it can be done differently

A big mistake that many organizations make is thinking that the world around us is static. In addition, we often see that change, and thus a break from the status quo, is seen as undesirable, scary, or stressful. This causes certain thought patterns to persist. For example, many directors will say, “It worked yesterday, so it must work today.” Or worse, they say, “I’ve always done it this way and I wouldn’t know how to do it any other way.”


But as you often hear us say, the world is in flux and one change follows another at rapid succession. All these changes mean that things in the world must and can be done differently. That we need to change the rules of the game of business. After all, those who make the game are the ones who look at the world differently. Only that way will you discover opportunities where others see threats.


Looking at the world differently

So, the trick is to change your perspective. We call this thinking upside down: seeing new possibilities in, at first glance, threatening situations. One way to see the potential of thinking upside down is to listen to others. In fact, others’ experience with upside down thinking can inspire you and show you how things can be done differently.


Perhaps this line of thinking sounds familiar to you. That may well be true! After all, it is the idea that gave birth to the globally known TED in the mid-1980s. TED is a nonprofit organization dedicated to spreading “Ideas worth spreading. It all began in 1984 in California. There, a four-day conference on Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED) was organized. Meanwhile, the so-called TEDTalks are no longer just about technology, entertainment, and design, but cover a much broader range of topics. The annual TED conference provides a stage for people to share their interesting ideas with the world. Great thinkers and doers of our time are invited for this purpose to convey their inspiring ideas. Big names who have stepped onto the TED stage include Bono, Bill Gates, and Jamie Oliver.



Based on our belief that things in the world need to be done differently, but certainly can be done differently, this year we are organizing TEDxNyenrodeUniversity together with Nyenrode Business Universiteit. During this event, with the theme Think Upside Down, various speakers will share their stories with the audience with the aim of inspiring them with new perspectives. For example, Ralf Wetzel, professor of Organization & Applied Arts, reveals why leaders and administrators can learn a lot from clowns. And Charlotte Melkert, named along with her sister Fleur by Forbes as one of the 30 most influential people under 30 and winner of the Harper’s Bazaar Women of the Year audience award, will talk about using new technology to change the game and create impact at scale.


Our mission with TEDxNyenrodeUniversity is to develop a new mindset among visitors and show them how it can be done. Look at the world through a different lens and you will be amazed by the possibilities. Are you curious about the program? Check out the lineup of speakers at TEDxNyenrodeUniversity on our website:


TEDxNyenrodeUniversity – Think Upside Down, is organized by Stay Future Proof and Nyenrode Business Universiteit. The event will take place on Thursday, February 2, 2023. Have you become curious? You can join the event online. Buy tickets at:

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