Synergy within Synerlogic

Synerlogic has been an established name in the dairy industry for more than a century. In this case you’ll read how they worked together with Stay Future Proof to strengthen and improve their position.

The Challenge

Synerlogic has been an established name in the dairy industry for more than a century. They help companies to get most out of their products by means of better ingredients, better hygiene, and more efficient production processes. Due to their wide variety of products and services, it is not always clear to Synerlogic’s customers what they offer exactly. Greke Janssen, Marketing Manager at Synerlogic, asked Stay Future Proof for help. Together they worked on the positioning, the propositions, and the branding of the organization.

Stay Future Proof's approach

The collaboration of Synerlogic with Stay Future Proof took place in the middle of the pandemic. This forced Synerlogic to choose between a digital project that would take place now or to postpone the project. Initially, there were concerns about a digital strategy project, but the energy of the Strategy Designers took away any doubts. The project started with a strategy team of fifteen Synerlogic employees who gathered various customer insights. In addition to gathering customer insights, the strategy team analyzed all the organization’s business activities to get a complete overview of Synerlogic’s business activities. These insights and the overview formed the basis for a new vision, mission, and strategy.


Greke: “The Stay Future Proof method really appealed to us; it is a specific method to gain insights. The co-creation process also works very well; in this case it meant working internally with a group of colleagues on the mission, vision and strategy.”


Stay Future Proof works visually. The strategy, which was created in co-creation with Synerlogic, was delivered in a variety of visual ways. For example, a strategy book in which employees and suppliers can find the process of the project, its outcomes, and the mission and vision of Synerlogic. Additionally, a simplified strategy booklet was created for all employees to inform and inspire them about the (potential) business changes in the upcoming years. Finally, a Brand Book has been developed. In this book you Stay Future Proof described the new brand identity of Synerlogic.


The Brand Book visualizes the unity of design for Synerlogic, the way Synerlogic positions itself visually, and shows examples of how the brand identity can be applied throughout the organization.


Greke: “All insights are collected in a beautiful strategy book, and we are very happy with that. In addition, the brand book gives the organization a lot of tools to explain the vision, mission and strategy, it also helps to make the changes visible.”


The project with Stay Future Proof has established a clear mission, vision, and strategy. On paper, but certainly also in practice. Also, Synerlogic now has a good overview of the products and services they offer. The project created synergies within the organization. Teams are collectively working on the themes that have been discussed during the project. For example, there is more focus on sustainability. In addition, knowledge about products, clients and the market are more commonly shared between employees and teams. 


Greke enjoyed the project but thought it could be intense sometimes: “because you have to invest a lot of time in the strategy sessions”, but she says: “this ensures that you make rapid progress”. Stay Future Proof helped Synerlogic to create a roadmap so that all employees know what is expected of them to achieve the organization’s goals. “Stay Future Proof has really ensured that we are on the right track”.  

“Stay Future Proof has really ensured that we are on the right track”
Synerlogic Greke Janssen
Greke Janssen

–– Marketing Manager | Synerlogic

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