Steunpunt Nova creates a network of 1000 volunteers

Steunpunt Nova has a clear vision, mission and strategy on how they want to grow towards 2023. Read their story about how they want to help even more parents who experience baby loss here.

The Challenge

Stay Future Proof annually reserves money and time for organisations with a social purpose; organisations that do good for the world, have a positive impact and add value to our society. Steunpunt Nova, the national support centre for parents who have lost their infants, is one such organisation. In order to grow and support even more parents and their families in this situation, the foundation could use some help.


Ruth van den IJssel, founder and chair of Steunpunt Nova, has been active in various foundations for more than 26 years, together with co-chair Francien Bisschop. They realised that the world around them is changing rapidly and that Steunpunt Nova must change with it. Ruth: “I have thought for a long time that the impact of Steunpunt Nova can and must be bigger. We can help many more people. But how and when? I thought it was very special that Stay Future Proof was open to discuss a possible collaboration, during which I immediately could envision the process.”

Stay Future Proof's approach

Stay Future Proof guided Steunpunt Nova in the creation of a growth strategy in the course of three months. Moreover, Steunpunt Nova was guided in its internal transformation during three strategic sessions.


Jordy van der Velde, Strategy Designer at Stay Future Proof: “We started working with Steunpunt Nova on strategy formation and transformation. We focused on how they should organize themselves so that they can continue to grow. We did this, among other things, by creating a clear vision and by defining their ambition for 2023 and 2025.


We co-created this vision and ambition with parents whom experienced baby loss themselves, their family members, and with various care providers working in the birth industry. As a result, we have formed a strong group that created a blueprint for a scalable foundation with a huge national impact.


It was a very fulfilling project. I have children myself, so I am extremely happy to have contributed to this cause.”


Stay Future Proof approached the foundation as any other organization that wants to be future-proof. Stay Future Proof assisted the foundation in clarifying its right to exist and its value proposition. This is done in co-creation with the target groups. Care providers, experts, parents, and their loved ones entered into the discussion together.


Ruth: “Our mission and vision are now much more aligned. The foundation has become more resolute, and I became more resolute myself to tell our story; we really make a difference for parents who feel: this happened to me, it is not the end of my happiness, but I need some help to get there again”.


In the strategic sessions, the Strategy Designers helped Steunpunt Nova to take more shape. The outlines of the operation became clear with four new strategic pillars: Create Awareness, Inform, Engage and Recruit. This set a clear course to give body to the mission and vision. With this new strategy, we also looked at the organizational structure of Steunpunt Nova. This has been redesigned and visualized which makes it much clearer and easier to see what everyone’s tasks, powers and responsibilities are.


“The strategists of Stay Future Proof gave us nudges every now and then to get the ball rolling. Their suggestions and ideas were very helpful. It was very special to see that the strategists really made it their own, as if it was their own foundation. That truly touched me. The strategists were very involved professionally as well as emotionally” said Ruth.


Stay Future Proof does not provide thick reports, but action and concrete tools for the foundation to work with, from today till 2025. Thanks to this process, there is a visual strategy document ready for Steunpunt Nova that will give them,and their new volunteers, a kick-start in all their support for the foundation.

“This happened to me, but this is not the end of my happiness. Just to get there again, I need some help. Establishing the new mission: Increasing perspective for parents and those around them dealing with baby loss, fits the foundation like a glove.”
Ruth van den IJssel & Francien Bisschop

–– Founders | Steunpunt Nova

Have you become excited?

Thanks for reading, I hope you’ve gained some valuable insights from the article! I’m Jordy van der Velde, Strategy Designer at Stay Future Proof. Want to learn all about strategy, innovation and transformation? Reach out and let’s talk!
Jordy van der Velde
Strategy Designer

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