Mindset transformation among SNS managers

The Customer Team Managers teamed up with Stay Future Proof to enhance collaboration among the managers, despite the physical distance between their work areas.

The Challenge

SNS, as a financial service provider, is part of the Volksbank. They distinguish themselves through their belief that banking should and can be done differently. At SNS, the focus is on people and the emphasis is on understanding the individual behind the financial numbers. At a time when many financial institutions are closing their physical stores, SNS keeps its doors open. With nearly 200 stores across the country, you can always visit one and receive personal advice from expert employees.


The SNS stores are run by Franchisees or by Customer Team Managers. The latter group operates in various regions throughout the country. While the tasks in these regions are similar, until recently there has been limited collaboration among the managers. There was a need for more mutual connection and improved collaboration. The goal was to collectively identify opportunities in a rapidly changing world.


Willem Jan Feijer, Customer Team Manager for the Almelo and Nijmegen regions, along with his colleagues, reached out to Stay Future Proof. They wanted to collaborate with Stay Future Proof to strengthen the collaboration among the Customer Team Managers, despite the physical distance between their work areas. One of the reasons for this initiative is the hustle and bustle of daily work, which calls for more efficient and effective work practices.


Improved collaboration among the Customer Team Managers enables them to share knowledge and experiences. This allows them to collectively discuss challenges, shares surprising situations and lessons learned. In addition, stronger cooperation will enable them to seize future opportunities more effectively. Because what unites these managers, despite the geographical distance between their workplaces? And how can they collaborate remotely on campaigns, analyze topics, and delve into relevant themes?


In addition, it was essential for the managers to define common action points. These action points contribute to the further development of existing SNS products and the exploration of new opportunities for future value creation.


Stay Future Proof's approach

During a one-day team event, the Customer Team Managers and Stay Future Proof worked on the following themes: collaboration and action planning. This day started with an outward focus. The managers examined the changing context and analyzed how these changes could impact their business. Then, the focus shifted to internal goals and the ambitions of the Customer Team Managers were determined. Collectively the managers thought about their contribution as Customer Team Managers to SNS’s overarching ambition.


Finally, a detailed plan was developed for the execution of the established ambitions. Each action point was linked to a specific milestone and in addition measurable success indicators were determined to track progress.


Throughout the day, small teams worked on various assignments. Willem Jan commented, “During the session, we worked on small tasks that we tackled together. Stay Future Proof maintained a good pace, allowing us to quickly focus on a limited number of action points. This way, we created a positive momentum.”


Stay Future Proof always employs a visual approach, and this was the case during the SNS team event as well. Willem Jan mentioned, “The presentation slides, which quickly follow one another, consist of compelling images with short text. Because the images speak for themselves, the content really sticks.”


The outcomes of the team event are visually translated into a visual report. The goal of the visual report is to create a tangible document that can further assist participants after the session. Willem Jan added, “The received visual report is particularly valuable. When you look at the document, it immediately takes you back to the day itself. It’s a guide you can always consult and refer to.”



One of the results of the team event was a change in the mindset of the Customer Team Managers. The emphasis now lies on proactively discovering and seizing opportunities. In addition, the managers have entered in action mode. During the team event, a lot of energy was generated to move forward with their ambitions and actions.


Another result is that the managers are communicating with each other much more frequently. They also visit each other more often, sometimes to brainstorm, sometimes to exchange information and sometimes just for social interaction.


The managers are now committed to take action and will soon meet again to check in and discuss the status of the action points. The Customer Team Managers are now focusing more on what is happening in the world and in the financial industry. Instead of just focusing on their own regions, they are now thinking more about how they can collectively achieve their goals.

“During the session, we worked on small tasks that we tackled together. Stay Future Proof maintained a good pace, which quickly focused us on a limited number of action points. This way, you end up in a positive acceleration.”
Willem Jan Feijer

–– Manager Klantteam | SNS Bank

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