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How to Stay Future Proof?

To Stay Future Proof, you need to pay attention to execution as well as innovation. The tree on the right shows how a healthy company continues to grow. To do this, an organization must have a good balance between execution and search. Today’s business models on the right side of the tree are outdated and unsustainable. To prevent this from happening, the left side of the tree must remain active and search for new ways to create future value.
Future tree
our proven methodology

Ready for the future in 5 steps

Each stage is output-driven, iterative, and time-bound. Stages 1 through 3 focus on understanding contextual changes and gauging future customer needs. Stages 4 and 5 focus on validating new value propositions and business models that can meet these needs.
stayfutureproof approach
prop 1
stage 1

Define Purpose

The first stage focuses on defining a clear and inspiring vision. This includes defining a shared purpose, internalizing the vision in the organization, and establishing how you can create real value to customers. 
stage 1
stage 2
stage 2

Explore the Future

The second stage is focused on exploring customer behavior, future market demands, emerging trends, and opportunities. We use data analytics and insights from our Customer Discovery and explore the potential value you can offer tomorrow’s customers.
stage 3

Design Future Value

The third stage is about refining your design criteria and developing ideas about sustainable value creation. You learn to embrace creative and divergent thinking. You will also gain inspiration outside the industry and learn how to get ideas and feedback from within your organization.
stage 3
stage 4
stage 4

Discover the Unknown

The fourth stage focuses on idea validation. You discover which ideas really solve problems for customers and whether the new propositions are economically feasible. You do this by testing, iterating and retesting the value propositions in a Stay Future Proof Experimental Design Lab.
stage 5

Implement & Scale

The final phase is about putting the validated value proposition into practice. You develop a business model delta map and a roadmap. We advise which metrics are best to use as you get started implementing the new value proposition or business model.
stage 5
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