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We are proud of our work. Our customers tell their stories and show you not only what we have accomplished, but also how we did it together in an iterative, co-creative and fun way.
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ING helps building a sustainable business model

A collaboration between ING and Stay Future Proof, they initiated Building Real Estate United, an event for the construction and real estate industry to take Sustainable Business to the next level.

Mindset transformation among SNS managers

The Customer Team Managers teamed up with Stay Future Proof to enhance collaboration among the managers, despite the physical distance between their work areas.
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Barenbrug steps into the shoes of the end-user

Stay Future Proof and Barenbrug are no strangers to each other. Based on this positive outcome, it was decided to apply the basic principles of Customer Journey Design for Barenbrug worldwide.

A new direction for Wereldhave

Under the leadership of Katja Stello, Chief Marketing Officer at Wereldhave, Wereldhave partnered with Stay Future Proof on strategic visioning and customer centric proposition development.
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Barenbrug’s Customer Journeys

Grass. There are different breeds with different characteristics. Growing grass is done by seed company Barenbrug. Together with Stay Future Proof, they started working on Customer Journeys in order t
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Even Rijden: an innovative collaboration

Changes in the mobility market gave rise to new opportunities for both parties, which opened new doors for Centraal Beheer and Athlon Nederland. Together with us they developed a new proposition.
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Synergy within Synerlogic

Synerlogic has been an established name in the dairy industry for more than a century. In this case you’ll read how they worked together with Stay Future Proof to strengthen and improve their position
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FinData creates new pricing for customer groups

We helped FinData understand the current customer experience, gathered customer insights and guided them to a proposition and pricing that is in line with what is most valued by the customer. 
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Steunpunt Nova creates a network of 1000 volunteers

Steunpunt Nova has a clear vision, mission and strategy on how they want to grow towards 2023. Read their story about how they want to help even more parents who experience baby loss here.
Kalfire strategie

How Kalfire made top sales during the pandemic

They not only survived the corona crisis but also grew through their innovative hologram fireplace and created a 40% increase in sales
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