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to stay future proof with strategic vision development to create business model innovation with branding and storytelling mastering validation techniques gather customer insights with experience design develop propositions implement design thinking with experience design labs with employees experience design

to stay future proof

We believe in future value creation that is realized in a continuously changing VUCA world. With a structured approach to look for new value propositions and business models as an organization in addition to running the existing business.

Our mission

We want to raise the bar and shape a world of better value creation. We embrace every initiative that contributes to this.

Our vision

Empowering businesses, institutes and teams to create more impact and value in an ever changing world. Doing so in a sustainable way ensure their relevance and financial health.

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What we do

With a proven structured approach we show you how future value creation is done in an ever changing world. How to be in search of new value propositions and business models in addition to running your existing business. In doing so, we implement the mindset, competencies and organisational structure to continuously stay a step ahead.

The challenge we see

Organisations often lack the competences to identify opportunities in this ever-changing world and use them to their advantage. Focus on maintaining the existing business model and the lack of a clear and shared vision makes organisations out of control in a turbulent context. Old structures keep organisations from reacting to new opportunities to create value. The result is that these organisations no longer provide the best solution for their customers’ needs, meaning that they lose their relevance and therefore business to organisations who are capable doing so in the long term.

future minded people

Meet the team

Sander Oleana
Strategy Designer
Passionate about orchestrating purpose-led shared value creation transformations
Tithia Franken
Strategy Designer
Passionate about making marketing and innovation successful, with heart for the customer and eye for the organization
Christiaan Bos
Creative Designer
Passionate about creativity, storytelling and how design can contribute to a great and impactful brand experience
Larissa Baars
Strategy Designer
Passionate about the transition to a circular economy and day by day working on a better world
Jordy van der Velde
Strategy Designer
Passionate about making business operations vision driven
Eefje Jonker
CEO & Strategy Designer
Passionate about the future of organizations and future value creation
Carolijn Coolen
Experiment Designer
Passionate about developing and innovating products, services and concepts
Eline Reeser
Future proof strategist & explorer
Passionate about bringing together different perspectives
Limore Noach
Expert on the future of engagement
Passionate about creating shared value and make employees experience the magic of engagement
Ernst Lighart
Expert on the future of supervision
Passionate about realizing future proof short-term and long-term ambitions
Peter Barbier
Expert on the future of corporates
Passionate about how to deal as an organization with disruption
Marie Claire Engelsman
Future proof event manager
Passionate about organizing memorable events, with an amazing experience and a big smile
Floris Vrasdonk
Future proof Agile coach
Passionate about empowering people to create more impact, achieve better results and feel more satisfaction
Ivo Paschold
Expert on the Future of marketing
Passionated about online marketing innovations and to be a frontrunner as Founder of Digital Heroes
Dick Eygenraam
Expert on the future of HR
Passionated about the future of HR, making sure it’s a business-driven function
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What we do
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