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Staying relevant is becoming more and more difficult. How will you still add value in five years?


Respond to market developments and create services or products that make your customers happy.


You don’t innovate just once. To remain relevant, innovation must become part of your business DNA.

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Stay Future Proof is a next generation strategy agency. A dynamic team of strategists and creatives dedicated to making organisations future proof and stand out with relevant propositions and business models. We do this for wide range of industries.

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Do you also want to respond better to customer needs and turn new possibilities into opportunities for your company? Discover how Future Proof helps you to redeem opportunities quickly and effectively.

Customised projects

Your organisation and issues are unique. That is why we do not like one-size-fits-all programmes. We look at what you need and create a tailor-made programme.

Pressure cooker-approach

Your organisation is in full swing, which is why we want to get to work quickly. Thanks to our pressure cooker approach, together we can quickly arrive at insights and ideas with impact. We then create a practical roadmap to help you turn your strategy into results.


In order to achieve a strong strategy, we combine the strengths of your team and our future experts. We involve as many disciplines as possible. This way, we have many different perspectives and everyone feels involved.


Thick reports often end up somewhere at the bottom of a dusty drawer. We make the results of our cooperation visual and tangible, so that they are manageable and understandable for everyone.
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Organisations that we helped to become future proof

How we think about the future? Read on!

Our methodology: Stage 5 Implement and Scale
This stage draws from agile way of working, lean start-up methods, market data tools, and concentrates on implementing the validated value proposition or business model.
Our methodology: Stage 4 Discover the Unknown
During the Discover the Unknown stage, you also learn tried-and-true validation testing techniques to apply across your organization to validate and refine other products and/or services.
Innovation = doing
The world is changing. For a company that wants to remain successful in the long term, this means that it must examine how value can be created in the future.


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